Blunsdon Abbey Physiotherapy.

Covid-19 Policy

Risk assessment procedure for F2F physio interventions in respect to Covid19.
• New patients contact the admin team and are advised the company policy is for all patient’s initial consultations to be provided remotely.

• In cases where a patient has been remotely triaged/assessed by a referral companies physiotherapy team and a clinically justified need for face to face (F2F) assessment/treatment has been identified – We will accept the clinical justification for F2F contact and book the patient for F2F assessment following our Covid 19 policy for F2F.

• Patients that are unable to be managed remotely and meet the criteria for face to face interventions (see appendix 1) will be selected by the physiotherapist.

• The physio will advise the patient of the reason for selection and the risks of a face to face intervention and consent requested. If informed consent is given this is documented in the patients notes.

• The patient is informed of the procedure for attending the appointment and advised that it is their responsibility to bring any PPE they wish to use. Patients should be informed that they should wait in their car until their appointment time as they will not be admitted to the surgery early.

• An appointment is booked, and patient is advised that they should contact the admin team if their circumstances change prior to their appointment. Appointments are to be booked allowing for a 15-minute gap between patients for cleaning.

• The physio should enter the surgery by the main entrance.

• On arrival they should wash their hands.

• The clinic room will be prepared by cleaning all surfaces, equipment, and door handles with 70% alcohol wipes.

• Prior to meeting the patient, the physio will put on their apron, gloves, and fluid resistant (type IIR) surgical masks (FRSM) and face shield if appropriate.

• Surgical masks should cover both nose and mouth, not be allowed to dangle around the neck, not be touched once put on and changed when they become moist or damaged and end the end of each session.

• The patient will phone Blunsdon Abbey Physiotherapy to inform us of their arrival.

• They will be met by a member of the team, asked to complete Covid 19 screening questionnaire, (appendix 2). At subsequent F2F appointments they will be asked if there have been any changes in their health or the health of anyone they live with.

• Patients temperature will be taken with contactless thermometer.

• If there are no health changes and patient’s temperature is normal, they may enter the building.

• If the patient has a temperature, they are asked to return home, contact NHS 111 and contact our admin team to rebook when well.

• Face to face consultation always takes place ensuring social distance as far as reasonably practical.

• Close contact with the patient will be limited to 15 minutes. Appropriate PPE will be used.

• At the end of treatment, a decision will be made regarding further appointments – whether face to face or remote management is needed, patient consent is gained as required and appointment booking made as appropriate.

• The patient is escorted from the building.

• Clinic room and any equipment used is wiped down with 70% alcohol wipes.

• Gloves and aprons are disposed of in a clinical waste bin.

• Physio washes their hands, following handwashing guidelines.

• At the end of the session a full wipe down of clinic room, including keyboard, mouse, phone, bed and chairs, Removal and disposal of face mask (and face shield if used), physio changes out of uniform and takes it home in disposable bag to be laundered following national guidelines.

• If the patient requires use of the toilet facilities, a member of the team is informed so we can decontaminate touched surfaces.

• If payment for treatment is required at the surgery, debit/credit card will be accepted, or we can provide our account details to pay before the appointment.

• Virtual appointments can be booked either by contacting us on or we do have an online booking system which can be found on our Facebook page or here

• “Virtual first” physio assessment (and follow ups if deemed appropriate) will be by video call/telephone (patient to pick preferred option).

• Patient to let us know if they would like the link to the virtual physio video consultation room via text or email.

• Patient to ensure camera and microphone are enabled for access on websites, the video consultation is a secure locked room, the physiotherapist will let the patient in when the link has been activated.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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