Benefits to Businesses

Your workforce, our business.

Ill-health costs businesses millions of pounds through lost work time. That's not all. It also leads to lower productivity by staff who battle on with back pain, upper limb disorders and other conditions

The real cost

According to the Health & Safety Executive's 'Labour Force
Survey', two million employees suffer from occupational
illnesses or ill-health each year:

  • 1.2 million have musculo-skeletal conditions such as
    upper-limb disorders and back pain
  • 500,000 suffer stress, leading to anxiety, irritability
    and loss of sleep
  • half of all these people will take time off work

It's clearly in your business' interests to address these types of
problem. There are also increasingly compelling legal reasons.
New EC regulations on manual handling and VDU use have
placed greater responsibility on employers to safeguard their
staff's health. Changing the focus from purely symptomatic
treatment to 'active rehabilitation' programmes can produce
faster return to work and less chronic disability.

Could your business benefit from our support? Blunsdon Abbey
Physiotherapy offers a range of services designed to keep your
staff at work, or return them to their job in the fastest, safest
time, taking care to minimise the risk of injury recurrence.

Work hard, play hard

Although businesses feel the costs of their staff's ill-health,
often problems lie with factors outside work, including an
individual's lifestyle, leisure activities and general health.
We take all these issues into account. Before we treat patients,
we diagnose the problem and plan a treatment programme that
suits the individual's personal circumstances.

What we offer you

  • ergonomic advice
  • immediate assessment and treatment of injuries
  • advice on accurate diagnosis and prognosis
  • rehabilitation

The benefits to your business

  • increased staff fitness and morale
  • shorter absences from work
  • reduction in lost-time accidents
  • less disruption to work schedules
  • less need for expensive consultant referrals
    and investigations
  • reduced private insurance costs
  • reduced RIDDOR Reports

We'd also be happy to customise a cost-effective package
to suit your business.