Women’s health/ Pelvic health and well-being services

This specialist service is offered by Vani Sesetty, a Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and Well Being.

Treatment and management of:
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Incontinence - stress, urge, mixed
Bladder and bowel retraining
Prolapses- Bladder, bowel, uterine
Pregnancy related Low back pain, Symphysis pubic dysfunction, Diastasis recti, Second and third degree tears etc.
Hypertonic pelvic floor (painful sex)
Bladder pain syndrome (Interstitial cystitis)
Post-operative -Hysterectomy, prolapse repairs, abdominal surgeries etc.
Pelvic girdle pain
Pelvic floor MOT
Pelvic floor yoga

Integrative Physiotherapy

This specialist service is offered by Vani Sesetty, a certified Integrative CBT life coach.
What is Integrative physiotherapy?
It is a highly specialised holistic physiotherapy for chronic health conditions in which treatment and management of physical health is integrated with addressing the mental health contributing factors like anxiety, stress, depression etc.
Who would benefit from Integrative physiotherapy?
Patients with any one or multiple complex chronic health conditions like chronic pain, diabetic, asthma, IBS, Endometriosis, post cancer treatments etc. are some of the examples.
To prevent patients in acute and subacute stages turn into chronic conditions.